30 October 2009

Glad to be home

Yesterday was a LaPorte day. I was supposed to go LAST week, but got rained out. I was a bit anxious about the weather, but since it was all clear at 5 AM, I decided to go ahead and go. It took 3 hours to get to work. Not a horrible trip, just long. Great day at work, great meeting at the end of the day. And then another 3 hours home...

My first memory of the Washburn Tunnel is my brother telling me that we were going underwater. In my head, I pictured my family (in our Cordoba, of course) driving underwater...imagine my relief when it turned out to just be a tunnel. That image came to mind last night as I drove through heavy, heavy rain...the kind of rain that seems to surround the car and that wipers just can't do anything about. But I couldn't stop, because the rain wasn't going anywhere and it would have just prolonged my agony. So I kept going. As I drove over Spring Cypress, I saw a Suburban literally up off the ground, spinning down the other side of the highway. I don't know that I have words to really capture the image--it was surreal, awful and awesome all at the same time. I hope the people inside are okay...I didn't see how it landed, but I'm hoping it just slid to the side somewhere. God must have been watching out for them, because amazingly, that section of highway was clear instead of packed with slow-moving cars.

So I'm glad to be home, and grateful for 6 hours of safe driving yesterday. It was weird to get home 14+ hours after I left...and to know that 6 of those hours were spent in the car. I was figuring up how far I could have gone if I'd been heading for Kansas, or anywhere...Oh! And I did such a girl thing yesterday...still not sure how I did it, but I caught the Pilot's running board on a curb and tore it up. It was one of those things that I heard, but I was already up on it...had no choice but to get off of it and do that much more damage as I went. Yes, I'm sighing at myself. But I'm grateful that it was my running board and not a wheel...and then when I got into the nasty rain, I was reminded that it could always, always have been worse.

This morning I'm a lot tired and a little melancholy. I'm supposed to drive in again today for a lunch meeting, but understandably, I'm not too excited about driving INTO that again. We'll see how things shake out in a couple of hours. Right now, it's time for some coffee and a shower...and I'm already looking forward to our family breakfast outing. :)


Heather said...

I don't know how you do it! I would be exhausted. You have such a giving heart that it just comes naturally to you to drive 3 hours one way to help out your teachers and their students. You ROCK!

Kristi said...

Seriously, Heather, they're gonna figure out that I pay you to say all of these nice things! :) You're the best!