01 February 2013

Taking the first step...

One of my many issues with scrapbooking is the sheer magnitude of stuff I've saved for scrapbooks over the years. After Thursday's big work event, I promised myself that I'd take a couple of days off, and accomplish two personal things this weekend: 1. FINALLY finish Kayci's art scrapbook. 69 photos are printing as I type! NOT having this box around is going to feel really, really good. :D

2. Last year for his birthday I printed Noble's year in pictures, but apparently that's as far as I got. I found them and his (full scrapbook, which probably explains shy the pictures aren't in it!) scrapbook in the box with Kayci's artwork, so yesterday I picked up a new book for him. Putting his pictures in chronological order has been a little challenging this afternoon, but it's been fun. I'll need Daddyboy to help me fine-tune my timeline. I love carline!

And we're going to print valentines this weekend, too...then we can get on to the big birthday party plans! It feels good to almost have these things off my list!

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