07 February 2013

Day 7: hobby

Today's prompt took me a minute...I don't have any cool hobbies.  Even though I've been *trying* to do it for almost a decade and I've been talking about it a lot lately, I don't scrapbook as a hobby.  I've really just started it more of a way to get my house and memories under control.

But you know, there is something that I like to do.  I'm a reader, always have been.  I read fiction, nonfiction...whatever appeals to me.  And yep, if you look at the top left, I even download free romance books once in a while.  Those aren't my favorite, but sometimes I need a few minutes of absolute brain candy.  I'm also cheap, so when I hear of a book that sounds interesting I'll download a sample before I spend the money on the book.  Right now I've got two samples on my ibookshelf...I've read the samples of both and I'm waiting until I have blow money again to buy them.  That Cleaning House book?  Danielle posted about it on facebook, and I absolutely loved what I've read so far!  And the Habit book is fascinating!  So, yeah, I love to read.  When do I find time to read?  Well, I lay with Noble for a few minutes at naptime and bedtime (5-10 minutes is our deal) and I read then.  I'm a fast reader, so that's really enough to keep me happy.

Reading is my hobby that I do all by myself.  But there's something I do with my Boy that's kind of a dirty little secret...

...we watch "Downton Abbey" together.  We resisted it for months, but when we gave it a shot, we were hooked INSTANTLY!  James said the other day he figured out why we like it so much...it's MadMen in a house.  I can kind of see where he's coming from.  I like it because it's beautiful to watch and listen to, and it's telling the story of a system I know nothing about.  It's fascinating to me!  I think I'm more suited for serving than being served, btw.  I'm so not a joiner, so I haven't posted about this on facebook--isn't it funny that I'm a little embarrassed about it?  That's not me!

So those are my hobbies...reading and TV.  Hmm, those would have been my hobbies 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago...I'm pretty exciting like that, man.

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Melissa said...

LUV me some Downton Abbey .... I do talk about it ... to much. :-)