17 February 2013

Day 17: What I Wore...

Today I wore my new zebra flats. Then walked...a lot. :)

DaddyBoy and I enjoyed a 24-hour getaway...it feels like we were gone a week. I'm not complaining, though! We dropped the kids off at Grandma's at lunch time, then headed into town. We spent a little more time than I'll admit deciding on where we would eat lunch...but was there ever really a question? After our late lunch we checked into the hotel and took a quick nap before hitting the town for Steve's 40th. (That was our reason for going to Houston in the first place, and we decided to spend the night and call it a Valentines date.) After dinner we went to a comedy club. I'll be honest-I loved hanging out with old friends, but I didn't find a lot of the comedy funny. I know, I know...

This morning we slept in (6:15!!), then had breakfast in bed. We enjoyed vegging out and not having anywhere to be. It was downright decadent!

After breakfast we made a video tour of the hotel room for the knuckleheads. Can't wait to go back with them-they're going to love the rooms!

We drove around our old stomping ground...look what's next to our little bungalow now. Crazy, right?!

DaddyBoy suggested lunch al fresco at D'Amico's, and it was just as awesome as we remembered. We even tried Italian beer, which is pretty grown up for me. :)

We did a bit of shopping for things we can't buy locally...thanks, big city! After lunch and a walk around Rice Village (to walk OFF the lunch), it was time to head home. But you know, the rested, content feeling came home with us. Grandma taught Kayci to sew while we were gone, and I was excited to see her in action. Turns out, they make a pretty good team. :)

And then there's Noble...we'll have to head back to Mom's after a while since he decided to lock both interior bathroom doors at her apartment. Goofy! His defense? "We'll, I SAID 'oopsie!'"

We promised the kids a trip to HorseShoe Junction when we got home, and some friends met us up here.

I'd say a great weekend was had by all, and it's not over, yet. Have a great week!!

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brenda said...

I had so much fun hanging out with you guys!!! I agree. The comedy not so much. I love ya, MommyGirl!!