06 February 2013

Day 6: challenge

I have kind of a one-track mind right now...I made such progress (finally got rid of THE BOX) this weekend, and while I'm enjoying my work right now it was a bit of a let-down to start the week and lose momentum.  I did make some time Monday to start pulling stuff out from under my dresser and organizing, and threw away a whole trash bag full of stuff.  That was satisfying!

The challenge on my plate right now:  organizing a lifetime's worth of photos and mementos in a quick and meaningful way.  I'm tired of having boxes of stuff in my closet and in storage (ha!  I fixed that one...I took a big box of stuff OUT of storage and shoved all of the stuff under and around my dresser so I'd have to deal with it.  Well, I have been dealing with it...for MONTHS!).

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