18 February 2013

Day 18: sunshine

There wasn't a lot of sunshine today, and I was wondering what my photo would be! I was back in Houston for work (if you're counting, I worked on Friday, came home, went back to Houston Saturday, came home last night, went back today, came home), and it was a gray, rainy day.

But the funniest thing happened. The rain let up as I went out to my car, and stopped once I pulled out of the parking lot. The sky was still gray and cloudy, but look what appeared:

I can't remember seeing a rainbow in a sky like that before. I think if I weren't on work-think overload, there's a lesson here. It's just out of my reach tonight, though-sorry! I spend a lot of time reflecting on the beauty of the sky while I'm commuting. Today was a really interesting sky day. After the gray clouds came:

And then this:

And this:

Gave way to this:

And finally, this:

The sun was going down as I parked at Mom's, and it felt fitting. Of course, it's always sunny at her house:

I'm so grateful that she took over kid duty today so I could work, and she even cooked dinner. And baked a cake!

We enjoyed a game of Skip-Bo after dinner, of course. :)

I won, if you're wondering!

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