15 December 2011

Favorite Things: Living

I'm not Superwoman; I'm not going to get EVERYTHING done.  Weeks like this, I have to keep telling myself that while I'm prioritizing and re-prioritizing and trying to fit in as much as I can without driving myself (or my family) crazy.  I'm not going to lie, I'm task-driven, and I love checking things off my list.  I love getting things done, especially when I'm challenged with lots of things to do.  This week, I've gotten a lot done but left a lot undone, too...which is why, once again, I'm up early to grade (of course, grades are past due, now...sigh.  Looks like I slipped up on the prioritizing!).  My house is a wreck, too, if you're counting.  :)

But every once in a while, I get it right.  I am most happy with myself when, in the midst of all the things that need to get done, I can stop and enjoy the little moments with my knuckleheads--it's not their fault their Mommy is an overachieving nerd.

Yesterday was one of those times...I won't go over my whole day (that was an earlier post this week), but it was a busy-crazy one.  And I had to go to Region 4 to run a quick errand (that totally benefited me, I won't lie!).  I was stressed about Galena Park stuff that I really needed to do and I really wanted to make it in for our big department gathering...but I didn't.  But I did make it to Region 4 in time, and afterwards I took the kids to Target for a few minutes to pick up a couple of things.  And, I knew after a busy day it would be a reward for them.  Little did I know we'd be distracted getting in the door....

...and getting back to the car.

But they were so happy.  I was happy, too, and I snapped a couple of pics to share with Daddy.  We have thousands of pictures of our kids (yes, literally), but pictures like these are my favorites...the little moments that I absolutely cherish.  Part of the joy comes from the fact that just for a while, I put aside my selfishness and my to-do list and my drive and just LIVED with my kids and made the time count instead of just trying to get through.

Every day matters.

And every day, I'm so grateful to have another shot to get the balance right.  Or better.

Today, I'll have my work done before the kids wake up (God willing!).  Other than a couple of errands, this day is about them...and I can't WAIT!

And my house will still be a mess tomorrow, if you want to know the truth.  I don't stress about it too much because I trash it this week every year and James is used to it (August, May, and December, Boy-o...I know, I know).

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