02 December 2011

Favorite things: fir & 4!

So, this morning James walks out to find me attempting to take a picture of our tree with my jacked up phone.  Usually having a broken phone doesn't bother me, but I'm tired of not being able to snap quick pics and blog...how lazy am I, really?  Anyway, my sweet Boy takes my phone out of my hand and says, let me work on it.  At that point I was totally frustrated with it and was like, "you can't fix it...it's just broken."  I may have growled.  I'm not sure.

He comes back to the living room a minute later and says, "try it now."

How thoughtful is he?  You know, I wouldn't have spent the money on it right now...actually, not until I *had* to do so.  But he works hard, and if this makes him happy, then who am I to argue?  Besides, how lucky am I to have a Boy who'll spend his freelance check on a phone for me instead of on something for himself?  Have I mentioned how grateful I am?  :)  Thanks, Boy--I loved you before the new phone, and I love you even more for making it happen.  You take such good care of me!

Back to the original post:  my favorite thing for today?  Fir trees!  This year we got a Noble Fir--it was too fun to show Noble his name on all of the Christmas trees yesterday, and this one just jumped out at us and begged to be our tree.  We'll decorate it this weekend, and the kids can't WAIT.  I'm not sure who's more excited, us or them.

And an addendum:  my other favorite thing today is 4...for my iPhone 4s.  :)  I've lost track of how many iPhones I've had since June 29, 2007.  This is my 3rd of the 4s, alone.  Yikes!

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