15 December 2011

Favorite Things: Gifts!

Probably the only thing I love more than GIVING gifts is MAKING gifts!  (I can't stand giving gifts for the sake of giving gifts, though...I like to give stuff that I want to give and the person WANTS to get...but wait, that's a different post...)

Anyway, today was our MOPS ornament exchange.  I tried, girls, but I couldn't find a $10 ornament that I was just crazy about.  So, I punted--I bought some unfinished signs at Hobby Lobby last Christmas and I had planned to use them for teacher gifts this year, but I never got inspired.  Yesterday, when I was in the final stretch for this ornament exchange, I got inspired!

I decided to make a Christmas countdown chalkboard, thinking surely other Moms would like that as well as an ornament.  I bought some chalkboard paint (I was out, can you believe it?) and some white vinyl and got busy.  This really doesn't take as long as you think.

First attempt:  it started sprinkling while the signs were outside drying.  Dang it.  I brought them inside, and in the process got this one stuck to the paper.  Double dang it.  No worries, though, I turned it into a one-sided sign and gave it to Heather and the boys as a happy yesterday.  (Austin was born today, that's what that sign means!!!  Kayci was troubled that it said "1 dayS", but hey, it's gotta work for every other number, too.)  I really like that shape...next time I think I'll move the words over to the left a bit more to leave more space for the 'til whatever and less space for numbers.  Discuss.

Second attempt:  I think I nailed it!, as Noble would say.  I really wanted a cross on there someway, and I like the way this one contrasts with the rounded font.

For the back, I added some shapes..figure they could be any season or decor.

I wrapped it up with two new boxes of chalk, white and colored.  Here's the rub:  that awesome ribbon it's wrapped in?  That's supposed to be the hanging ribbon...but I didn't realize until the end of the project that the pre-drilled holes were too small, and I was in a hurry.  Next time I'll have James fix that so I can use pretty, wide ribbon.  That color, those stripes...sigh!

I just have to tell you, seeing these pictures still makes me happy--I'm very proud of this project!


Tracye said...

discussion area: yes I think moving it over would work better for us big writers. point #2 - I didn't even see the cross in Christmas today because no one would hardly show it for fear of it being stolen!!! I didn't steal it because I knew that in 10 days (countdown theme!) I'll be able to make my own!!! yippeee! we'll have to book a day of play so you can show me the tricks you've already learned. ps - thanks for my happy! & the hugs today..played with my wooly man sitting in carline today & it made me feel better!

Jana said...

I love, love, love this!! We have been counting down to Santa and traveling, and would use this over and over!! I plan to steal this idea!! Tomorrow!

MommyGirl said...

@T: can't wait!

@J: I know 2 girls who would LOVE this!!! :)