26 December 2011

Favorite Things: Christmas Eve Pajamas

Every year we open one present on Christmas Eve...new pajamas.  I've had a friend make pajamas for the kids the past couple of years to match our Nick & Noras, but this year I found the kids' sizes in matching pjs.  James and I didn't have matching ones, but I wasn't stressed--I figured one year wouldn't hurt.  Kayci picked out a pair of Ralphie pajama pants for Daddy, and since she got those I let Noble pick out a pair of pants for me while we were out one day.  I wasn't really excited about them, but I *was* excited about everyone else's, so I was fine with it.  But when I opened up the box that I'd wrapped them in, I found the Nick & Nora Santa pajamas I'd been wanting for a while.  James and Kayci conspired to surprise me--how sweet!  :)  What a fun way to start Christmas!

I hope you had a merry Christmas, too!

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