14 December 2011

Favorite Things: Christmas Party Day!

I love this time of year...and I hate the way it makes me feel, all at the same time.  Try as I might to be more organized and more proactive, everything seems to pile up all at once.  Work stuff, volunteer stuff, it doesn't matter--it piles up.  You are all in the same boat, I know.  So, here's the past 24 hours, by the numbers:

*Not pictured, for PTO:
-over Monday and Tuesday, Heather and I processed 700+ books that the PTO will give out this week.  
-500 Capri Sun pouches counted, sorted, boxed.
-42 bags prepared for Capri Sun pouch recycling
-I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot.  It was just a normal amount of volunteer work in a very abnormal week.

For Noble's Christmas party:

16 reindeer craft kits

16+ servings of reindeer food
16+ bags of reindeer noses

~50 reindeer cookies

16 containers of homemade playdough, each bagged with a cookie cutter & a printed/cut gift tag

5 "big" teacher gifts
8 "medium" teacher/staff gifts
17 "small" teacher/staff gifts

20 AWANA happies
6 AWANA leader happies

For James' food day today:

-food trays I intended to create?  1.
-prefab food trays I bought at WalMart instead?  Sigh.  1.

For me:

T-shirt orders today:  4!  (Seriously!)

Gifts purchased while I ran errands this morning in between party and prep:  10+.

Assignments graded?  Um, less than 50.

Miles commuted to work?  0 so far.

Of the two major work tasks I have on my plate this week, # completed?  0.

Hours of sleep last night?  4.

# of happy kids in my family today?  2.

Is it all worthwhile?  Yes. 

Do I wish I was less...Kristi...about it all?  Definitely.

Will I go to bed happy tonight?  Of course!

Will I do it all over again next December?  Geez...

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