04 December 2011

Favorite Things: Brenham's Christmas Parade

Every year it feels like the Christmas season REALLY starts around here with the Christmas Stroll and Parade.  This year it was on Friday night (I love it when it's on Friday night!), and we all had a blast.  Daddy wasn't in charge of the Germania float this year, so that meant the 4 of us didn't have to be there until right before the parade started and that right when it ended, the 4 of us walked off together to go find our family and get hot chocolate (not that we needed anything hot...it wasn't cold outside at all).   Usually parade days are a bit more stressful than that, so this was a HUGE blessing.  And yes, the float was AWESOME, as usual!  

The hardest part of the parade for Noble has always been waiting on the float...but I guess because he's older, this year wasn't too traumatic for any of us.  :)  And Kayci...Kayci opted to sit on the opposite side of the float from us with a friend.  That was a first, and I was reminded once again that she's growing up.  Sunrise, sunset...  

If you missed the parade, you missed a great time!  We're grateful that Adam, Peggy, Emily, Jhido & Nahia made the trek to Brenham, and we enjoyed a little time with y'all after the parade.  And I was grateful to have a reason to clean up our WRECK of a house just in case y'all came over afterwards.  :)  

Ready to go...one of us is grumpy about something.  The rest of us don't really care.

The waiting is the hardest part...

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