21 December 2011

Favorite Things: Learning New Things...and a Hero King

I love all of my new friends, but there's something to be said for our old friends, too...the people who knew us back when, and still love us anyway.  :)  This weekend we had the chance to celebrate our old friends' daughter's 1st birthday--just a note, the kiddo never cried or fussed or melted down during the party...a 1st birthday first for us!  We had a great time seeing everyone, and I was really excited about our gift.  When I saw that it was a Mickey Mouse-themed party, I decided to use the design I created for Layla's birthday, and put it on a pink onesie.  I wasn't sure what the rest of the gift would be...and then when I went into my favorite local shop, they had those cute tulle skirts.  But, not in her size.  So I talked to the lady and she hooked me up with a sewed-elastic band...and I went home determined to make my own.  It was surprisingly easy (although I learned several lessons!) and fun.  I think I'll be making more of these.  In fact, Kayci and I made one for her angel costume on Sunday, too!  We used a softer tulle for that one, and I'm thinking there's a reason you need the stiffer tulle.  But, it was very pretty and looked all feathery and floaty and ethereal, so, score!

Since I missed yesterday, here's a second favorite thing:  that super hero king.  Noble was determined that a wise man would dress as a super hero--this costume is a compromise.  All the other boys were wearing the typical wise men/shepherd costumes...and Noble wore this.  And carried a gold brick.  Over the past several weeks we had several fun conversations about his costume--I think his brain just stuck at "dress up" after the ladies at church told them they got to dress up for the Christmas program.  Now, I didn't have to go out and buy him a super hero cape, and I could have forced him to dress like I thought a wise man should look.  But I wanted to honor his idea, and I cleared it with the ladies at church who were in charge of the kids' program and they were fine with it.  It could have been funnier, I mean, worse, if I'd let him wear the mask that he wanted to wear instead of the crown.  :)  If you want to see video of the kids singing (and maybe one of the kiddos pokes the baby Jesus, don't want to give it all away)...go see James' post on our family blog.

Today is the big day--we're taking the kids to see Santa!  Just pray there are no big revelations, like the year Kayci was 3 and told Santa that all she wanted was a doll we'd never even heard of before.  :) I suspect you'll be seeing pictures tomorrow...

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