16 May 2011

Weapin' Wizards!*

So this is where the story ended.  Let's go back to the beginning...
It was a lovely day at Antique Rose Emporium with Marsha and Grandma.  The kids were having a blast roaming around chasing lizards and just being kids. 

Then we noticed a bright green lizard on a statue next to where Grandma was sitting.  So,

Daddy caught it to give the kids a close-up look.  He's the best!

See here, kids, this is how you hold a lizard safely.

Kayci wants to hold it,

so of course, Noble wants to hold it, too.  

Wow, Bubby--great job!

What a nice lizard, laying there so nicely.

He lets Noble pet him.  

And Noble gets comfortable.

Maybe too comfortable.  It takes Noble a second to realize that the lizard has, in fact, clamped down on his finger.  Until Mommy gasps.  And then, all heck breaks loose.

*Disclaimer:  No Nobles were harmed in the making of the blog post.

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