03 May 2011

Teacher Appreciation-Day 1

It's teacher appreciation week...so you can imagine what our dining room looks like right now!  One of Kayci's friends was over yesterday and she was like, what IS all this stuff??  :)

Last year there was a fun Easter printable for Peeps...I thought they looked so cool in the snack bag packaging, I wanted to do something along those lines.  I'm happy with how they came out!  We have 106 staff members at Kayci's school (btw, I do staff appreciation for PTO--so this first one isn't from US but from PTO).  Anyway, here are 110 (extras!!) bags of Peeps...that's 550 Peeps if you're counting.  I forget how many packages that was...a whole Target cart full, apparently.

This was Kayci's first gift to her two teachers (her Mommy picked them up at the Dollar Spot recently--$1 mini clipboards, and $1/two matching pens).  I love these colors!

I'm up at the school a LOT...I worry about being THAT Mom...so I wanted to do something extra special for the ladies in the front office who are always so awesome and helpful and accommodating and patient with Noble's noise.  I can't say enough nice things about them!  People don't always understand that the first people you come into contact with set the tone for the school, and I'm so happy with the first people you talk to at Krause.  Thanks, Mrs. Seilheimer & Mrs. Dollar!

Each day Kayci takes a small gift to her PE teachers, music teacher, computer teachers, art teacher, the custodian, her PreK teacher who is Kayci's 2nd Mama at school, the nurse, the ladies in the office, the administrators...this list gets kind of long, but as someone who was an "extra" teacher for a few years, I think it's really important to remember these people, too.  They do so much for our kiddos.  We obviously didn't spend a ton of $$ yesterday on the candy bars, but it's really the thought.  I hope!  Wait 'til you see today's...

I get so many ideas from other blogs about Teacher Appreciation, and free printables, too.  Where do you get your ideas?  :)


Sandra said...

Such cute ideas! Love the mini-clipboards!

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