04 May 2011

Teacher Appreciation-Day 2

For Kayci's teachers yesterday, we saw some fun candy at Hallmark and subbed that for flowers/a plant like we'd planned.  For one she got smiley face gumballs (you make me happy!) and the other got chocolate rocks (you rock!).  This is probably my least favorite day--and also one of the more expensive.  I think it just goes to show it's really the thought that counts, right?

I love, love the cafeteria staff at Krause--they are wonderful women.  Kayci took them this yesterday, and you would have thought she handed out money, they were so appreciative.  That tells me we don't take enough time to appreciate this group--my PPCD friends, I hope you guys show some love to your cafeteria before the year is out!

From PTO yesterday, mini post-its with a cute note.  Thanks to the Scheffler girls for putting these together while we watched gymnastics last week!  :)  

For Kayci's PE teachers, etc., we found these cute little cans of orange soda.  It was this or the water/lemonade...I'm glad she went with orange (it was easier and different!).  This would also be cool with glass bottles and a nice label.  

Nothing earth-shattering here...but lots of love behind the gifts, nevertheless.  Have a great Wednesday!

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