05 May 2011

Teacher Appreciation-Day 3

Yesterday was a WHIRLWIND...can you believe I forgot to take pictures? Dang it. I'll just tell you: Kayci's teachers got cute owl notebooks (dollar spot again!) with picture frame pens that Kayci filled with a note that said, "whooooo loves you?"
She took packs of gum to everyone else with the typical "you were MINT to..." notes.

As for PTO, we served dessert to the staff yesterday. I found a roll of (red) wrapping paper on clearance at Hallmark, so I built the table stuff around that. It came out well, I think!

I have been too busy to think about this, but in the craziness I dropped several of my enamelware bowls on the driveway and chipped them--badly. Does anyone know what I can do to reseal those chips and keep the bowls foodsafe? I'm so sad!

And Heather, I owe you BIG--you saved me yesterday afternoon!

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A Journey For Life said...

You are so talented, you amaze me!! I wish I could find your energy to do all these wonderful things!! You are a true blessing!!