06 May 2011

Teacher Appreciation--Day 4

Yesterday was our "Friday"--school's out today for Maifest. I feel a little guilty I only had 4 days of appreciation and y'all have 5, but I slept just fine last night. :)

Yesterday was pretty simple...buckets of supplies for Kayci with a note from her. I intended to put some vinyl on the bucket, but just couldn't get there. I'll live. :)

Her other gifts were fun-I saw this with Swedish Fish, but since I only know one person who eats SF (Keely), I opted for Goldfish. Yum!

For the staff, we put out 12 2-liters, cups in school colors, bendy straws & a cooler of ice with a note that said, "Celebrating you this week has been SODA-lightful!" the teachers always like any version of this one. And of course, k forgot to take a picture. I won't tell you what our day was like yesterday...we'll say busy, but really good!

This is what I have to do at some point today: clean up the aftermath. You should see my desk!

It was all worth it, though, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Now for Maifest...

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