22 May 2011

37? Really??

We had talked it out--we set up three 8-people tables, thinking 12 would turn into 24, but then there wouldn't be so much empty space it looked like nobody showed up.  Well, those tables filled up fast and we set up more.  Luckily, it's me so I had plenty of table covers and stuff...but I was chapped that when it was time to enjoy the shower, we had to pull out tables and chairs and look disorganized.  And then someone was worried that we were out of game cards and stressed Madeline about it...it was just unnecessary--we should have been enjoying the shower, not counting things.  Just for the record, the girls and I prepared for 30-50 since we knew it could blow up...but really, if people had just RSVPed, it would have made everything so much easier (and I think about how much $$ Dottie spent on paper products...she's like me, she over-bought...but I've been to many a party where the hostess bought for who RSVPed and ended up pulling out white styrofoam {sigh} plates to fill in the gaps).  This isn't a problem with the people at this shower, either--it's everyone!

Y'all know what I'm talking about...every one of my friends who has hosted something has had this same complaint.  So let's make a pact:  from here on out, let's start a trend and RSVP.

Who's with me??


Melissa said...

AMEN SISTA!!!!!! That's how I ended up with a HUGE bag of popcorn for 2 months and poor Lee had to eat pizza for over a week for my 40th b-day. Sent out over 30 invites ... only 6 responses and a couple of them didn't show. ANYWAY!!! It's sad how we have lost consideration for each other.

Tracye said...

Preach on, preach on! Drives me CRAZY. For Lauren's b-day parties, I now just call each person I haven't heard from, not realistic for all parties I understand, but man. I feel your pain. I'm sure it was an awesome shower.
p.s. I have a freezer paper shirt idea I want to make for Luke this summer. Let's discuss. =)

MommyGirl said...

Oh, girls--thanks for reading! :) I just went back and re-read...wondering if I didn't delete the original first paragraph, because it doesn't make much sense!
@ Melissa, I remember that party well--that was a LOT of food, girl. You and I are similar in that I would have overbought, too so I wasn't caught short. I hate that feeling!
@Tracye, you're good to call. I'm too lazy!! And yes, let's discuss. :) Text me your cell # girl, I'll be on the road today!