25 May 2011


Noble was NOT having it last night, apparently...but I figure this blog is a reflection of our life around here, and it ain't always so pretty.  :)  (See the pile of trash bags in the corner of the yard behind Noble?  The yard man raked up about a billion leaves and we haven't had time to take them to the dump, yet.  Not so pretty, but that's where we are this week.  Don't get me started on the snakes he found...) 

It's been a busy few weeks around here, but it's been great fun, too.  Between Family Fun Night last week and the baby shower this weekend and end of the year gifts, I've been having a blast making stuff from cards to shirts to burp rags to these cool metal tubs I'll show you in a few days...my Silhouette has been busy!  Madeline was so sweet and gave me a hostess gift; she knew I needed a new cutting mat and she researched and found out that you can cut down Cricut mats to fit the Silhouette.  So she gave me two, I cut one down and it works like a charm!  Thanks, Madeline!  Since a new cutting surface was all that was standing between me and more freezer paper stenciling, I took a few minutes the other night to de-stress and make the shirt Noble has been asking about for days.  He was determined that he wanted a brown shirt that said, "pants!"  I didn't have the brown shirt, so he compromised on brown paint.  :)  And I totally scratched on this one...I got a little brown paint above the design.  Crap.  But I figure these are still practice runs, right? 

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