18 May 2011

An Hour Here, An Hour There...

I had planned (I think I just heard God laugh there...) to work all day today.  Get some computer work done, get caught up.  But, there were several loose ends to tie up after Family Fun Night so I ended up working at Kayci's school all day.  As much as I would have liked the paycheck I'll miss now, I'm okay with how I spent the day (and wait, oh, yes, I just heard my husband cuss...).  Because even though my day didn't go as planned...

...I got in an hour of quiet time and morning work time before I got moving today.  I started my day feeling really centered and ready to go...but the day had other plans.  But since I started off right, I was able to roll with it.  Or go with the fwow.  Whichever you prefer.

...I was able to steal Kayci for an hour during the school day so she could help me.  It's been a busy couple of days, and she needed some extra attention.

...I snuck away for an hour and had a lunch date with my Boy.  Just the two of us at Las Fuentes (free queso!).  Dreamy!

...Heather and the boys came over for an hour after school and played.  I don't think we've done that in over a week--it was much-needed for the kids!  And the Mommys.  :)

...while Kayci was at gymnastics, Noble and I spent an hour at the park feeding the geese and looking at nests and eggs.  He learned a new word tonight:  gosling.  Or, if you're Noble, woswing.  Does anyone know if birds lay eggs all at once, or over a period of days?  Do the eggs hatch all at once?

... we dropped by Mitzie's house.  While we didn't stay an hour, it was a nice visit.  My friend answered a prayer I hadn't even had the presence of mind to pray yet, yesterday, and ended up keeping Noble for the whole day.  How awesome is she?  He didn't have to get shuffled around while I worked on Family Fun Night, and he had a blast.  Then Heather took time out of her day to go pick him up and bring him to the school...which saved me an hour.  I know it's yesterday, but still, it was an hour Heather saved me, and many hours Mitzie gave me.  Thanks, girls!  I couldn't survive without my village!

...I had planned (ah, did you hear it again?) to grab Schlotzky's for dinner, but Noble and Kayci wanted to BUY mac & cheese.  The kids and I spent *almost* an hour at the grocery store.  Is it weird that it was fun?

...after the knuckleheads passed out from sheer exhaustion fell asleep, I finished Noble's teacher's end-of-the-year gift since tomorrow is his last day of "regular" school.  And then, since Kayci was so sad that her "smart girls rule" shirt has gone missing, I made her another one...and also a shirt for Noble.  This may be the most satisfying hour I spent today.  Nah.  But definitely top 5!

It's late and dark here, so the color/light's off.  On Kayci's shirt, the rule! is actually bright pink.  

My Silhouette mat needs to be replaced, so I used vinyl instead of freezer paper.  It was okay...but I think I still prefer the freezer paper.  Nope...scratch that.  I just still prefer freezer paper.  But I'm grateful for this!  (And busy brainstorming something I can put on a friend's birthday shirt for this weekend...)

...my Boy has been asleep for over an hour, and I think it's time for me to put the computer away and go cuddle with him.  Good night, all!

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