15 February 2011

Sweet Day

aDisclaimer:  this post is incomplete...these are just the pictures on my phone.  I'll post the "real" pictures from James' camera later.  He's in line at St. Paul's for Noble's registration and he gave me instructions but part of the instructions was something specifically about NOT doing something...um, I'm not up to all that pressure first thing.  So here's a partial view of our day.  It was a good one--but we literally ran from morning til bedtime.  We were ALL ready for bed by the end of the day!

Kayci was so cute with her valentines (imagine picture here).  Of course, since KAYCI had valentines...Noble had to have some, too.  He grabbed the box of extras, and it's me so I couldn't see him carrying a box around, so I grabbed this bowl and threw them in there.  Little did I know how many miles that bowl would travel yesterday!

After we took Kayci to school and did some stuff for PTO, Noble and I went to Starbucks and got Daddy a happy.  I saw these awesome downloadable coffee sleeve valentines on How About Orange last week, and I couldn't wait to use one.  Of course, we're not French-cool, so I colored over j'etaime and wrote "we love you big" on the heart and I couldn't resist an "I love you a latte" on there, too!  What was funny was that I had planned on Noble taking valentines to the ladies at the Germania front desk and our friends in the credit union.  But he insisted on taking the bowl in.  Then Daddy was like, let's give one to Matt, let's give one to Jolie, let's go upstairs...and Noble gave Valentines out everywhere.  As he was getting down to the last few, he kept looking at me, and I knew exactly what he was thinking--he didn't want to give them to grownups because he wanted to take them to Emma and Beckett.  So I assured him we had more (we didn't, but we went and bought some and cut out some more lips & mustaches) and he happily gave the last ones away.  It was fun, and I will never tire of hearing that kid say, "happy vawentimes day!"  We need to record that, Boy!

After we went to the store to grab some more suckers, we came home to find a big red box on our doorstep (a happy care package from Melissa...or, as Noble said, Mowwy and Cowe!) and a mailbox full of love.  Melissa sent some handmedowns to Noble, but also included a happy for each of us. Kayci got these cool colored pencils and a couple of lip glosses (they smelled good, Mel--she went to bed last night smelling like a party!), Noble got an awesome Julius hat and gloves, and Daddyboy and I got...drumroll...the best coffee in Texas, Guenther House.  Aw, Melissa, you know us all so well!  Thank you so much...and Noble TOTALLY slept in size 4t Cars pjs last night after much screaming.  :)

And in the mailbox, I found this gorgeous red velvet cupcake from my friend Mitzie, who's just awesome.  Sadly, though, the cupcake was immediately consumed by a certain 2 year old who shall remain nameless.  I was happily going through the box from Melissa when I looked down and saw just a ginormous pile of cupcake crumbs and one little boy covered in frosting.  RED frosting.  I told him to stand still so I could go get something to clean up.  (This picture is actually after I swept up the crumbs, right before I started wiping...) When I started cleaning up the crumbs, Noble thought he would help by cleaning himself off.

With one of my white Valentine's Day dishtowels.  :)

He had fun opening his vawentime from Grandma, but promptly hid the card (and ran off with the money).  We totally felt the love yesterday, from phone calls (Aunt Peggy called early on Sunday, Jhido called during breakfast, Great Grandma called while we were at dinner, and Aunt Susan texted and sent a photo of her little valentine, Avery) and a mailbox full of cards from Grandma.  :)  Thanks, everyone!

After opening the fun mail and whipping up a few more mustaches and lips, we headed over to the Parkers for a Valentines playdate.  It was a gorgeous morning, and we played and ate outside...lots of fun with new and old friends.  Thanks, Lauren, for a lovely morning!  The Daddys caught the tail end of it, too, and it was fun to see them during the day.  A funny thing happened--the Parkers' home is like, Architectural Digest/Martha Stewart gorgeous (the opposite of our house!).  I had the bright idea to make heart crayons with the kids...and all went well, until we went to cool the silicone mold--and my Wilton mold bit the dust, pouring blue wax across their slate floor, oven and stove.  Cringeworthy.  We got a lot of it up, but seriously?  Horrible!

By the time we finished with our playdate, it was time to head to Krause for Kayci's party.  Once Noble woke up (he took a short nap), he was so happy to see Mason!

Really happy--this is so much more him than the fake smile in the first picture.  By this time, his mohawk was long gone.  Don't tell him!

While we were at Kayci's school, we saw something so touching:  a mother seeing her son for the first time since he was deployed overseas.  One of the teacher's sons came home yesterday, and I don't think there was a dry eye in the office when he stepped in (with flowers, he's a good boy!).  It just reminded me again that this war may be far away, but it's real and people we know are out there risking their lives for us everyday.

Heather's dad is very, very sick so she's been back and forth from the hospital and it's been a crazy few weeks for them.  Someone gave her a bottle of ChocoVine (chocolate red wine?) for Valentine's Day, so we felt obligated to try some.  Despite what the picture looks like, we didn't go on a rampage through the kids' candy and get liquored up.  :)  We each had a sip...and thank goodness, because that stuff was more like chocolate rubbing alcohol.  We agreed to try it again another time with ice...I mean, we owe it to the person who gave it to Heather, right?

Then it was home for a quick change to take Kayci to gymnastics.  We decided to go to Family Storytime at the library while we were waiting...here are my boys singing "Skidamarink."

And then it was dinner at Big Daddy's (yum--thanks, Grandma!) and home to bed.  All in all, great day start to finish.  I don't know why I detailed it all here...I think because I'm gearing up to get started on scrapbooking, and I am feeling the need to document better.  We'll see how that goes.

Hope YOU had a great Valentine's Day!

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