27 February 2011

Strawberry Milk? Or, Why I Look So Old

Yesterday, I made the mistake of NOT showering before Daddy & Kayci left. I had an hour to get Noble and myself ready before we had to pick Kayci up from gymnastics. No problem, I thought.

As I headed for the shower, I gave Noble the "just eat your snack...don't touch anything" speech.

Shortly after I got into the shower, he came into the bathroom. "I need a nakkin.". Thinking his nose was running again, I told him to get a Kleenex. "No Kleenex--need NAKKIN.". What for, Bubby? "Strawberry milk." So I caution him again not to touch anything, do anything, or make anything...I'll be RIGHT there. And don't touch anything!

CRASH. It was a big one, but I didn't hear glass break (amazing the things you think, parenting THAT kid, no?) so I called his name...no answer. Oh, no, I think--he's trapped under whatever it is he's knocked over! Luckily the curtains were closed, because I know I looked crazy as I grabbed my towel and ran, dripping water and conditioner everywhere.

He wasn't hurt, just stunned.

He knocked over the little orange chair,
which he was trying to take the sink
to dump out the strawberry milk he'd made
because It was nasty.

Y'think? If you look at the cup, you'll see it's 3/4 strawberry syrup--gives me the shivers just thinking about it again.

Needless to say, we were 4 minutes late picking Kayci up. He still needs a bath. I'm at least 10 years older. Annnnnd I'm pretty sure neighbor Dave heard me yelling. Not about the milk, of course, because he was being resourceful. But that was the straw that broke this camel's back, and after that I was all out of grace. Which sucks, when you think about it--what if God ran out of grace for ME? Definitely a growth area for me...

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