08 February 2011

It's official: I'm out of heat transfer. For now :).

It's been a whirlwind few days around here, but in a good way.  I've got several things going for Valentines, and I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get everything wrapped up and sent off today.  BUT...I just have to remember that it's all about baby steps.  Or, as Dr. Bohan used to say, "one step at a time, boys, one step at a time..."  I'm getting my work done, have had some great time with the kids, the house is company-ready...but I've also been running the heck out of my Silhouette to take care of several gifts.  Wanna see?  You know you do...

Today was Kayci's teacher's baby's first birthday (not to be confused with her sister's cousin's girlfriend's).  Kayci loooooooves Mrs. Koehler, and so do we--she has totally lived up to what we expect from the awesome teachers of KES, and I love that she'll text me and keep me updated if Kayci needs something or is just having a particularly awesome day.  How wonderful is she??  And this is her first kiddo...remember how fun it is?  Heck, I'm on my second kiddo and I still get excited over every little thing!  Geez, can you tell I really need to be working right now?  I'm babbly.

So...didn't get in to Houston last Thursday/Friday as planned due to the weather (or, you know, what the weather was supposed to be), so I wasn't able to get the t-shirt I wanted for Kannon.  I was able to find some tees at WalMart (which is actually usually the first place I look, but I didn't want a pocket tee and I thought that's all they had).  Here's the thing:  these are 2T/3Ts, but Kannon wears an 18 months-24 months.  But, I was that guy and totally busted open the t-shirt package to compare sizing.  Sure enough, these tees are shorter than the 24 month tee I had in my hand...so I went with these because of the no pocket.  (Skipping ahead, I was making this shirt all night in my head last night, and come to think of it, a pocket would have been cute...I'll have to make what I'm thinking about NEXT time!)  Geez again...let's get to it already, right?

I'd had this design in mind for a few days, and this was the first try.  But--right as I got to the end, I peeled the vinyl too quickly and messed it up a bit.  I went ahead and finished setting it and thought, well, surely Bubby can wear it ONCE even though it's a little small, don't want to waste a great shirt.  And he could have worn it...

...but I had this aWeSoMe idea that I'd wash and dry the shirt to see if it beefed up a bit.  Sure did!  And it also shrank.  But seriously, it was totally worth it to get this shot:

Priceless!  He was so happy, and so TICKED when I took it off of him.  Remember Chris Farley's fat guy in a little coat?  Hearing it right now?  I'm sending it on to another friend who's a little smaller, but too cute--can't wait to see him in it!  :)  Since I had a 2nd chance on Kannon's shirt, I made the tie a little bigger and personalized his tie with a little "k"--see it down there in the corner?  I like quirky little things like that.  :)

Tomorrow I'm hosting a smallish baby shower/sprinkle for one of the teachers at work.  It's a diapers & wipes kinda deal, but you know I can't resist baby clothes...so I made up a couple of onesies for baby Avery.  (I know her Mommy doesn't read my blog.  But if you do, surprise!)

Remember this from Kayci & Addie?  I like it alone for a little one, too.

I think either onesie would have been a cute gift, but put it all together...I'm so happy to give this to Avery's Mommy tomorrow.  Cute and practical--fun!

And what shower would be complete without favors?  I went with a Valentine-y theme because that's the stuff that's accessible and affordable right now (read:  $1 everywhere!)...thought that it would be fun to do something with conversation hearts candy.  You know, Sweethearts?  So, first I wrapped the boxes in scrap paper and added a band to make them a little more interesting...

...then added some tulle and fun tags (on a background of conversation hearts, the date, "welcoming Suzanne's little sweetheart, Avery.")  Simple, affordable, and cute enough for me!

Some of our good friends have a new baby, and I've been holding off on a baby gift because I wanted to make something.  So, surprise, if you're reading this, which I don't think you do--this little lady has a fun package coming in the mail!  I love, love these $2 onesies from WalMart--they are soft and cute.  I've actually gifted them before with $8 monograms on them--this is way better, I think.  Here's a pink one:

And a lavender one:

And here's the best part:  they sell matching clippy bows.  Who doesn't love bows??

There's more, but it'll have to wait until after the Valentine's Day surprises are no longer surprises.  :D

I hope you're having a great week.  Mine has been great so far, but it's gone too fast...time for 2 days of work in Houston now.  The good news is, Noble gets to go with me on Thursday to spend the day with two of my favorite teachers and friends, so I'm totally looking forward to that.  And I've got something pretty big on my to-do list this week, so please keep that in your prayers.  I know God's gone ahead of me here, as Paula says...now all I have to do is go where He's told me to go.  Wish me luck!  And peace...and strength...


Heather said...

You are one talented mommy girl! I still have no clue when you find time to make all of these adorable gifts, work, take care of your family, pick my kid up from school two days in a row, feed him, entertain him, help him with homework and then make us dinner. You are amazing. I am beyond grateful!

MommyGirl said...

my secret: noble watched TWO hours of netflix on the ipad! shhh...don't tell heather, she thinks i actually parent! hee hee. thinking of you, sweet friend!