05 February 2011

Sooooooo Worth the Wait!!

I was finally able to order heat transfer for my Silhouette...translation: the stuff that makes t-shirts! I wasn't expecting it until next week, which made it that much more awesome when Fed-Ex knocked on the door Thursday morning. (If you're keeping up, Thursday was fairly stressful between work and a sick Bitty, so this truly was a happy!)

Anyway...I started playing. And made some mistakes, and kept playing and learning...and all in all, I'm happy with what we've done so far. We, I say, because James and Kayci have helped. :)

All along I'd planned to make shirts for a few special birthdays this month. I'd had a design in mind for Addie, then I liked it so much I made one for Kayci, too. I forgot to snap a picture of Addie's before her party today, but here's Kayci's (shirt #2 off the line):

A note...at this point, I was still popping out each letter and lining them up manually. I had an a-ha moment when I started on Kynli's onesie...what if I left my design intact, and peeled away the extra surrounding it? Oh, yeah--much better! But another note: I won't use Curlz again unless it's much, much bigger--it was hard to weed!

Here's #3, for Kristin's Kissyface. So not waiting for her birthday--this one's going in the mail Monday! Enjoy, Kynli--Ms. Kristi loves you big!

And by this time, we were having fun. Noble realllllly wiked Kayci's heart tee, but I hadn't planned on putting a heart in his design. Oh, well...we couldn't resist him! This one was fun because we brainstormed fun things that fit Noble, then James did the design and I recreated it for the shirt. I'm sorry, girls, but this one is my absolute favorite so far!!

(This morning when I showed it to him, I said, "this says, looking for love." Sure enough, Noble said, "oh, wookin' for wuv! I wike it...and there's my heart!" Ah, a happy customer!)

While we were at Addie's party today, it hit home that Noble's party is ONE MONTH FROM TODAY...so after nap we finalized the guest list, finished picking his party favors and ordered them, and I used the design we created a few weeks ago for his party logo to make this:

I love it!!!! It looks even cooler than our paper mock-ups. :D

And finally, to surprise my Boy with another "thank you" for my Silhouette, time to play, and my life in general, I made this one for myself:

Because it was for me and on an older t-shirt, I felt comfortable experimenting with layering the colors. It was easy and looks great--I'll definitely expand on that type of design later!

My heart is happy, and the Silhouette is all I'd hoped it would be! The paper stuff I've created since my birthday has been fun, but there's just nothing like vinyl. And speaking of, I also have a couple rolls of adhesive vinyl calling my name right now...but they're going to have to wait until I start rolling on birthday pennants for Bubby.

I'll leave you with a peek at the projects the kids and I are working on for Valentine happys:

Happy weekend, friends! Hope you're spending time with people you love, doing things that make your heart happy. <3

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Heather said...

LOVE these!! I need to place an order! :)