26 February 2011

The Rest of the Story...

Yesterday was a big day for Kayci.  James posted all about it here on our family blog.  Of course, there's more to the story.  We got there more than a half hour early to get great spots for videoing and viewing.  Right when we all get settled after much seat swapping and moving around, Noble started fussing.  He went through the candy Grandma brought to keep him quiet, and then he wanted to "see Kayci!!"  So he's fussing and wiggling and fussing and wiggling...and jussssssssssssssst when it's time for Kayci to go on stage, he just loses it.  Screaming loses it.  So I have to take him out of the cafeteria...and miss her whole speech.  He got it together right as she finished up, but I didn't get to see her up there.  :(  I'm not sure if I was more sad or mad.  But then, after we sat back down, I got over it--he looked up at me and said, "when we see Kayci?  Somebody was scweamin!"  Um, yeah...YOU.

Not a minute later, he's fast asleep standing up.  Poor kid.  (And the good news is, Kayci either didn't realize I wasn't there or didn't care, because she hasn't mentioned it.)  I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the program, even with two 2 year olds in our row snoring.  That was kind of funny, actually.

So I'm proud of my girl, and once again, shaking my head in disbelief over THAT KID.

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