12 February 2011

Handy List

This morning I woke up with a plan to wrap up my report.  Then I saw my to-do list from yesterday, and you know how that ended up.  (We've met, right?)  And then a few minutes ago I washed my hands and wondered if anyone else does...this:

During the PTO meeting yesterday, I was charged with e-mailing a couple of people, so I wrote it on my hand so I'd see it and DO it.  I couldn't reach my list/notebook in my purse due to a sleeping Bubby in my lap, and I knew if I wrote it on my PTO stuff chances were good I wouldn't look at it again until the next meeting.  It's wrong, I know...but seriously, does anyone else do this?  I love, love lists and paper and anything stationery-related, but this is one habit I find I just can't quit.  I can't quit ya, hand.

So I'll wash it off in the shower this morning and start fresh today.  I don't plan to write on my hand today, but who knows--something important might come up.  :)

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