11 February 2011

Phone Find

I was just scrolling through my phone looking for something, and I came across this.  I'm wondering, why is it dark?  And where was he, in the dark, with my phone?   If I wasn't supposed to be writing a report right now, I'd totally make up a whole story to go with this photo.

Oh, who am I kidding?

When we last saw our hero, NobleyObley was trapped in the laundry hamper of doom.  Dirty clothes were pressing in from all sides, and strangely, the trash compactor music from Star Wars was playing in the background.  (How do they always DO that?, our hero thinks to himself.)  Our hero was tired and stinky and just about to give up...when suddenly, the hamper door opened.  And whoever opened the door heard, "get out my cwubhouse!"  The door closed, and then the stinky laundry started pressing in again from all sides, and our hero managed to find the phone and snap this picture.  Will he get out of the hamper in one not-squished piece?  Join our hero for the next installment of...Adventures of NobleyObley!

(Cue hero music.)

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