03 April 2014

Photo a day: 1 & 2

I miss blogging...I thought The Idea Room's photo a day might be just the trick to get me back in the habit. Then I got busy and forgot! I just saw Heather's post (thanks!) and that inspired me to get mine out there. We'll see how this goes!

Day 1: fun

I'm tempted to write about the not so fun things dominating my days right now, but I'm so tired of talking about that. It's the fun things and the little routine things that I live for, which is why after a craptastic day we had a fun April Fool's dinner. No original ideas, all from Family Fun, but we did it and had a blast. Our schedule worked out so that Noble was able to make the main course (actually dessert) while Kayci was at chorus, then she and Daddy were able to make dessert (actually the main course) while he was at Tae Kwon Do. Neither had any idea what the other had done, which made it even more fun. They both tricked and got tricked. :)

Day 2: shine

Little things brighten my day, like having some unexpected time to clean house and take care of things that have needed some attention. Like the SIX bags of stuff that needed to go to Higgins Branch, ahem. I guess I need to post about last week's kid garage sale, but I'll do that later. Just pretend you're caught up and know that Noble cleaned out a bunch of toys, which meant that I could *finally* condense all things toy & game to the kitchen side of the shelf and move the recycling tubs to the back...giving James an extra shelf and some clean floor space. And no more coming home to toys all over his work space, maybe. ;)

This is actually the picture that came to mind when I saw "shine"--one of the things our current trial keeps showing me is how important it is to empower our kids to help themselves. Our kids do a lot, actually, and last night was the first time I let Noble get out and help return the Redbox movie. He had a hard time getting back into the Explorer, being ten feet tall and all. :)

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