12 March 2014

Spring Break 2014

Our Spring Break 2014 agenda:  celebrate Noble.

After that?  Nothing.  

So far, so good!

I finally finished a blog post about his birthday:  http://ipharaon.blogspot.com/2014/03/six.html

In the kids' journals this morning, I wrote about how other families probably look forward to going and doing on Spring Break...and we're the exact opposite.  We've so enjoyed a couple of days at home with no plans!  The only drawback has been that we've let the kids stay up late, which means that by yesterday at lunchtime they were G-R-U-M-P-Y.  So, I told them to lay down for 30 minutes.

3 hours later, they woke up acting like themselves.  Phew.  

As for me?  Monday, I didn't accomplish anything.  Yesterday, I left the kids to their own devices for a few hours and got 40+ pages into the Project Life binder.  Now to finish journaling...and I'm caught up for 2014!  

Today?  Well, today I promised to take them to two new boutiques they've been wanting to visit (yes, Noble can't wait...he's my boy).  We might go to the library, we might go to the park...we might not.  Either way, that's okay.  

I love not having an agenda!

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