05 March 2014

40 Days of Focus

At bedtime last night when I told the knuckleheads I'd deleted my Facebook app, a cheer of "hooray!" came from their bedroom.

Either they think I spend way more time on there than I really do...or I spend way more time on there than I think I do.

So, it's a win-win.

My two online jobs have ended, which gives me a break until JULY. How awesome is that? That leaves me with (just!) two jobs for the spring, and I'm beyond thrilled.

Today I work at the church and hopefully get to attend Bible study, then it's Public School Week so I'll go walk a mile with Noble after lunch. Or, if it's like every year I've done this with Kayci, I'll walk around holding someone else's kid's hand while my kid runs ahead.

Tomorrow is a commute day, and it feels a bit like going into battle but that's just part of the job this time of year. I'll survive, because once I hit the road tomorrow night, I'm on SpRiNg BrEaK, baby! And we have no plans beyond celebrating my baby's 6th birthday. That looks pretty good from here!

We have really enjoyed a slower pace on the weekends this semester, and I hope that will extend to Spring Break.

Life's been a little crazy this school year, and it's made me realize it truly is the little things that make me happy...and it's the absence of these little things that steal my happy.

Cooking makes me happy.  This cheddar chowder recipe is awesome, and from an awesome friend. We ate it a few weeks ago at their house and taking time to go out there and just visit with them made me happy.  We haven't done that enough this school year.

Being at home on the weekends makes me happy, because it gives us time to slow down.  Saturday night the kids cooked dinner and baked dessert (sporting their new aprons from Grandma).  

Volunteering at the kids' schools makes me happy.  PTO bought green eggs & ham for every kid at Krause this Monday, and then we got to serve.  It was a blast!

Documenting this little life of ours makes me happy.  Of course I'm a month behind, but I got it all in order this weekend and I have a plan to get it all in the binder this Friday.  I've given myself grace when it comes to stuff like this, because I'm the only one it really affects.  If I quit spending time with my family to get this done, that would make EVERYONE unhappy.

Taking walks, and letting Noble go at his own pace, makes me happy.  Saturday morning he found the first roly polies of the season, and he was just as thrilled this time as he was back in his Wonder Pet days when he went around "saving" all of the "animals" he could find.

Spending time with my family makes me happy.  A couple of weeks ago, we picked the kids up a little early and took Daddy to see the Lego Movie in 3D.  It was such a treat, all the way around.

These dang cats make me happy, even though they also make me c-razy.

Taking time to celebrate others makes me happy.  When Mom was out of town, we visited her friend and took her a little birthday party.  It wasn't much, but sitting down with that sweet 88 year old and just talking to her was the best gift we could have given.

Working around the house makes me happy.  Doing it as a family makes me darn near ecstatic.

Spending time with friends makes me happy.  I feel so out of touch with everyone right now.

Our little routines make me happy.  Noble loves, loves to get the mail...but it takes time and patience to let him.  So many days, we do it ourselves.  Yesterday, I let him do it and it made. His. Day.  Simple things, y'all, simple things.

Playing games with my family makes me happy.  Sometimes when I find myself alone with one kiddo, we'll play a game together of their choice.  Yesterday I was home unexpectedly, and I took full advantage.  Noble and I enjoyed a fantastic afternoon doing things he loves while Kayci was at Children's Chorus, doing her thing.  It was the best day. :)

Giving happys makes me happy.  Today is Noble's student teacher's last day, so I had fun putting together some tools for her teacher toolbag.  It was way more fun for me than it will be for her, I guarantee you.  I love giving gifts that mean something, and tell the receiver that I really thought about you and tried to give you something that you would like.

Even working in the secret sweatshop (what we call it when I work from home) makes me happy.  I get a lot done on these days, and after several months of feeling more busy than productive, that feels pretty good.

And with that, I've got to get a few e-mails sent before I head to church/work.

What makes you happy?  What could you focus on during Lent that would make a big difference in how you feel, how your days go?

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Heather said...

You have taught me so many things in the almost 5 years we have been friends. But one of the biggest is how important the small things are in relation to happiness! Thank you for being a great example of that, even in your busiest seasons.