14 April 2014

day 13 + 14

I'm going to cheat and not only combine the post, but combine the photos.  It was too easy to pass up!

day 13:  a favorite place + day 14:  living thing

Here are 2 of my favorite living things hanging out (as they love to do each morning during quiet time) in my favorite place, our bedroom.  I try to keep our bedroom clean and clutter-free so we can relax in here, but not doing laundry for a week equals a mountain of laundry.  You can also see the crap that hides behind our door when the door is open, but that's okay--we're good enough friends that you can see my messes.  And my dirty coffee cup.  And the receipts I need to file, because we are SERIOUSLY tracking our expenses this pay period.  (Did I tell y'all we're going through Financial Peace again?  I'm excited...we have a different focus this time, and it's nice not to feel like we're at the end of our rope.  Now if only that nice down payment would just save itself...)

I'm very grateful to be in Brenham today instead of on the road.  I'm grateful for our growing Children's Ministry, even though it means unexpected work this week.  I'm grateful for time with my Clarkson family this weekend, and Easter traditions.  I'm grateful for some much-needed time with my Boy.  I'm grateful for time to serve on the kids' PTOs, and for a job that pays well but allows flexibility for me to do things during the school day.  I'm grateful for that job that I still love after all these years.   I'm grateful for the Love Language Minute devotional that I'm reading through for the 4th year in a row, and how it still ministers to me day after day.  I'm grateful for friends, old and new, for my church family and for my real family.  I'm grateful for how God heals, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I'm just...grateful.  It's a good way to go into a Monday!

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