27 April 2014

days 26 + 27: happy + a friend

Saturday's word was "happy." This was the first picture I snapped. :)

And then we had the best day working on our flowerbed and just hanging out.

There was a nap, too!

Here's the before: more leaf litter & weeds than I expected...Yowza!

Noble's choice. Apparently he opened the package and tried some, as it promised "hundreds of edible seeds." :)

Working as a team...

Final stretch--you can't tell, but it was dark by the time we got to this point. Daddy brought out a couple of lanterns, and we pressed on.

Sunday morning I snapped a pic of the finished product. We'll plant seeds in these pots this week & fill on some of the bed's blank spots.

It's a little bare where Bubby planted his sunflowers, but it's so satisfying to know we cleaned it out!

day 27: I got to spend time with my favorite friend on a photo shoot. :)

Then we went to see Adam's band's first gig. I'm exhausted this morning, but it's totally worth it!

And nope, I don't miss the bar scene!

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