07 April 2014

day 7: green

A while back, I read this by Becky Higgins, and it answered a question I've been asking myself for years:


The very next day, I went out and bought 2 cute journals. And the very next day after that, I went back and exchanged them for cuter, more durable journals as Kayci's ripped when I took the label off...how on earth would that last until she's grown? Sigh.

Now every morning during my quiet time, I jot down something about our life or something I love or something funny or sweet they did...and I love every minute of it. I even have one for my big Boy--it's good therapy to start my day appreciating him, y'all. I highly recommend it!

Yes, I'm wearing Nick & Noras with cats on them from...geez...6? years ago. And yes, I'm having quiet time on the couch as my bed is full of knuckleheads. James is on his last day of two rounds of work travel, and I'm so ready for him to be home and slow down. As for me, I'm off to work after I drop off kids. I think I'm already ready for a nap!

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