10 April 2014

day 10: photo of a photo

Before we left for Disneyland (in December), I spent way too much money on Disney printables that were supposed to be compatible with Project Life.

I bought a binder and scrapbook pages.

We came home, and I immediately printed all of our photos and organized them chronologically.

And put them on my desk so I'd finish the project.

Several weeks went by, and we finally printed the printables. Several more weeks went by, and I finally started cutting out the printables. And whatever sorry wind was in my sails, barely moving this boat, went away. The printables aren't quite 3x4 and 4x6. Sigh. So now I'll have to mount them on cardstock...adding another step to this process.

The good news? Last week I
decided to get back to it and start plugging away. So that's what I'm doing right now, cutting printables. And blogging this photo of a stack of photos.

PS--my hope is to do the Disney album whenever Lynn & I have our girls getaway weekend. Fingers crossed!

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