05 April 2014

days 4 + 5

day 4: bent

Mother of the year here. I took the kids to Walmart yesterday before school so I could grab some things to organize my in-laws' papers...and let the knuckleheads pick out Lunchables to save a few minutes. Sigh. So, it wasn't my best work. But as we walked out to the car, we saw this:

and we stopped to talk about the cool pterydactyl cloud and take a picture for Daddy. What "bent" means to me: looking at old things in new ways, and stopping to take time to appreciate them.

day 5: soft

Several weeks ago, I wore my favorite oxford shirt for the last time. (You know the one, pink & white stripes.) After almost 15 years, it was pretty ratty. I can't wait to show y'all where the shirt is going to end up...stay tuned. It was bittersweet.

This came in the mail this week. I love this soft new oxford, but more than that, I love the soft heart that bought it for me.

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