09 August 2011

Window Day

Yesterday morning James asked me what my day looked like, as he always does.  At the time I wasn't feeling great (the kids and I are fighting either a cold or allergies), so I was honest and told him I wasn't sure.  While I was working on baby shower stuff last weekend (the 30th last weekend), I had a paint blow-out and got red paint all. over. one of my white dining room curtains.  And my Grandma's tablecloth (my bad on that one, should have taken  it off before crafting).  Taking down the curtains to wash is a pretty big ordeal, so I only do it twice a year--spring and fall.  Even the year that Noble got gingerbread hands all over the dining room curtains, the brown handprint stayed until spring.  Classy, no?  But I digress.  We took down the painted curtain that night and washed it immediately...then just draped it over the rod thinking I'd wash the other panel and rehang them both at the same time.  And then I got busy with work and the baby shower and life...and it sat for a week.

Yesterday the kids and I declared it pajama day (probably the second and last of the summer, sniff!).  I think Kayci thought that meant we could all take it easy and work on feeling better, but I just couldn't walk by the dining room curtains one more time.  So, I got out the allen wrench and got to work and took down the other panel to wash.  And since I was doing that, I took down the living room curtains.  And our bedroom curtains.  I soaked them all in bleach water for a while, then washed them all and dried them a bit before I started ironing them.  10 panels...what was I thinking?  While all of this was going on, I washed all of the windows and cleaned windowsills (even the yucky ones behind the living room dresser...don't get me started on the nastiness I found behind that piece of furniture).  I pulled out our bed to get to the windows and cleaned out a ton of dust and Kristi hair (with wood floors, I have to keep up with cleaning under our bed...tons of dust bunnies.  Yuck!).  It was pretty satisfying, I have to admit.  I even washed and ironed the little cafe curtain in the kitchen, and washed the blinds (not satisfying...bleck).  I'm not gonna lie...I ironed for almost three hours during the kids' nap and I had to take a break.  I'm out of ironing shape!

You know where this is going, right?  When I took down the kitchen blinds, I noticed a wasps' nest in between the screen and window.  I took a picture and texted it to my Boy--yikes!--and we texted back and forth...the screen had to come off, ASAP.  Which led us to agree that we'd bite the bullet and take ALL of the screens off and wash outside windows.  The embarrassing thing is, we haven't washed our outside windows since before Ike...when James screwed the screens into the window frames.  Yep.  Our outside windows were GRIMY.

After dinner we all went outside and got to work.  It was nasty but satisfying, and it felt good to go to bed last night with clean windows, curtains and windowsills.

Why did I just spend all that time talking about it?  I have no idea...guess I'm dodging work.  Think it's time to bite THAT bullet.  :)  Have a terrific Tuesday!

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