18 August 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

Noble is up extra early this morning.  In fact, he woke ME up when he came in to tell me coffee was ready.  :)  After a while he wandered back into the bedroom where I was having quiet time.  He asked what I was doing...writing down my prayers in a journal.  He thought that was interesting, and wanted to pray, too.  So I asked what he wanted to pray for this morning.

Hmm...a new toy.  

Bubby, God isn't Santa Claus.  When we pray, let's not worry so much about getting things--let's thank Him for what we have or talk to him about what we're worried about.  We can ask Him to let this be a good day, help us make good choices...

...I was just getting warmed up when my little mohawked man looked up at me with those brown eyes that get me every time,  and he reminded me, as if I were the one who needed teaching:

BUT, He can do ANYTHING He wants to do.  

Oh.  Yes, Bubby, he can--you're exactly right.  


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