12 August 2011

Dance Lessons

Last night we had the opportunity to take a free dance lesson at church.  As we danced, I was struck by how much dancing is like marriage.  James has to lead--and I have to be in tune with him to be ready and know which way he's going to take us.  We definitely can't both lead--we just end up at a dead stop.  We can't look down at our feet...that will make us stumble.  And we can't keep our eyes on the other couples, or we'll get out of step.  We just have to hold on to each other, keep the beat, and keep moving.  Once we get going, we can do some spins and turns and fancier stuff...and when we're really in sync, we can do that stuff without missing a step.  There are times when we turn and he goes backward for a while and it might look like I'm leading, but I'm really still following his lead.  And that's okay.  When we were younger I really struggled with dancing because (shocking) it was hard for me to just FOLLOW his lead.  Last night I realized that I've changed a lot in the past few years, and I get it now.  And we danced better last night than we probably ever have.

That was a pretty awesome free marriage counseling session we had.  It's like John Michael Montgomery sings, "life's a dance you learn as you go..."

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