13 March 2011

Toenail clippings in the rug...

We visited a new church this morning.  And the time changed.  And somebody wet the bed last night, displacing two children and making for a rough night's sleep for two adults.  We finally got motivated enough to cook breakfast...then didn't have the eggs to make the pancakes we'd decided on.  So you can imagine what our house was like this morning...not to mention, the house itself is a WRECK.  Sigh.  I'm not proud of what happened next, but it happened and it's something I'm constantly struggling with.

Kayci came into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth.  She was so proud of her new outfit, and she was looking pretty cute.  I had already complimented her on said outfit a few minutes before, not that it matters, because what I said to her wiped out any nice thing I'd uttered.  She was standing beside me and I looked down and said, "your toenails are disgusting!"  Now, they weren't disgusting at all--I was just disgusted in general and took it out on her toenails.  Sure, the polish was chipped and there were longer and a little dirtier (everyone has dirty toenails once in a while, if we're being real here) than I prefer to have on display...but they weren't disgusting.  Nothing about that beautiful girl could be disgusting.  And as soon as I said it, I was immediately slammed with regret.  I gathered my thoughts for a minute and apologized, saying that I never should have said that her toenails are disgusting, because they aren't.   And then I sat her down and trimmed her toenails and repainted them, right then and there.  Yes, we were running late, but I needed to serve her and help her feel pretty and prepared again before we stepped out of the house.  So there are toenail clippings in the bathroom rug since we've been running since then, but I'll clean up in a little while after the kids go to bed.  Well, after I finish washing and drying their sheets.  But you know what?  Being humbled like that first thing in the morning has kept me in check today.  I know the house will be clean tomorrow, but it's not the most important thing...the things washing their hands for dinner right now and the thing who just finished making dinner are what matters to me.  I should shut the laptop and get back to enjoying them.  :)

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