24 March 2011

Thankful for Givers

Thanks to some awesome people, we have been able to absolutely SPOIL the teachers at Krause for the past two months!

For February, Elisa Workman had the idea to bring her chocolate fountain to school.  (She had this idea while we were helping Jana Foster with her November donation of cake balls!  Can I just say that up until November, people had helped with gifts but nobody had ever had an idea and volunteered their expertise like that?)  To prepare for February, we sent out a letter to our volunteers, got TONS of dippable food donated, and even had volunteers show up to work.  Then the Workmans donated the chocolate, which we were supposed to purchase, in addition to Elisa's time and the fountain!

What a blessing!  February was a big hit, and I wasn't sure how we were going to top it.

I shouldn't have worried.  A few months ago, Missy Robinson (yep, MooseFeathers Florist!) volunteered to help  us out with plants for one of the spring gifts.  I didn't think much about it, thinking we'd get some liiiiittttttle plants and stick a tag on them.  But, no.  Missy asked if she could get them ready over spring break, and I was not at all prepared for what she did...these are not puny little plants.  These are gorgeous flowers, wrapped so prettily in burlap and raffia and twine.  They are AMAZING!  And the staff was awed that someone would take the time to put together such a wonderful gift for them.  What's really cool?  MooseFeathers donated all 110 gifts--and did all of the work.  That is a big ol' gift--we are all so grateful, Missy!

I'm always humbled by people's generosity.  We are blessed to be part of such an awesome community!

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