21 March 2011


Aunt Susan gave Noble legos for his birthday.  He was playing with them this morning when it occurred to me that I am just like those legos.  Little pieces that I can snap together in infinite ways to create different things...or even the same things, over and over again.  Changing even one piece can change the entire finished product, for better or worse.  All of the little pieces fit back in the box of my life, but only when I take them all apart.  When all of my work pieces are put together, it's just too big to fit back in the box with any other pieces.  Or it takes all of the pieces in the set and there's not enough left over to make a Mommy or Wife...you get the idea.  The same thing applies to pretty much any of my "pieces"--I can do one thing well with many or all of my pieces, or I can split myself up into smaller things...but too many things means there's not enough of me to go around or do them all well.  By the same token, my pieces work best when I snap them together with complementary pieces.  

Like the legos, I'm always a work in progress.   I guess the question always is, what pieces will I use today?  

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Deanna Schultz said...

I could not help but laugh the other day when Tegan told me she loves to fold clothes and put them in the drawers!She said its like building legos in your drawer with clothes!