15 March 2011

Boble Has Left the Building

picture credit:  Angus--thanks!

This morning the kids and I were sitting at the table, eating our cereal and talking.  Noble is very interested in letters right now and "spelling" things.  A-O-B-E spells Noble, apparently.  :)

Here's the thing--if you have ever talked to Noble, you know that he refers to himself as "Boble."  He can say the /n/ sound and "no"...but has called himself Boble for about two years.  At his first preschool, the toddlers referred to him as "Boble" and he picked it up there, but then it just stuck.  WE don't call him "Boble," but we do call him "Bubby" so maybe it's just all jumbled up.  Anyway, a few weeks ago we started the countdown, figuring that "Boble" would be on the way out since his articulation has been improving by leaps and bounds.  

Back to breakfast, Noble said to Kayci, "spell Noble."  Kayci and I looked at each other...she did...and he said, "that's wight.  That spells Noble."


He's just growing up so fast.  Don't even get me started on my Bitty...

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Kris said...

How bittersweet! It's so cute that he still says "wight", though. :D