04 March 2011

Give Thanks

Several months ago, I won a sweet silver bracelet in a MOPS doorprize drawing.  It reads,
"Give thanks to the Lord, for His love is everlasting."

Recently I've been reading the book Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst (sound familiar, Proverbs 31 fans?).  It's about food and choices, but about so much more.  One of the things I've realized is that I don't pray nearly enough.  I have lost the habit of handing my cares and worries over to God, laying them at the foot of the cross.  I can't do it alone...and that's been pretty evident in my parenting lately, I think.  I find myself raising my voice WAY more than I'd like, and then I wonder why Noble yells so much (or "ells," as he says.  "Why you ell at me?  Quit scweaming at me," he says.  For the record, I don't scream.  But I feel like it sometimes!

Anyway, I've been wearing the "Give thanks..." bracelet for the past two weeks to remind me to pray for Heather and her family, and give to thanks for Larry, but also to remind me to give thanks for my family--and offer them same grace that God offers me.  I've got so far to go, but I've taken a step and that has to be enough for today.

Ah, today.  Today is not at all the Friday, March 4th I had in my head.  The birds are singing outside and it's a lovely day, which is nice, but inside things are all messy and disorganized and just not where I want them to be.  MY plan was to work just on Wednesday this week so I could have time for MOPS and Kayci stuff yesterday, then Noble stuff and PTO today.  Ha.  Work, of course, spilled over across Thursday and about 5 hours of today already...yes, it's 9:30 AM.  Do the math.  I wasn't too stressed, thinking I just had cupcakes to bake today and some strips to cut & tape...show you later.

Then this morning in the midst of yet another work crisis, I realized that I'd forgotten something.  A BIG something.  Nope, scratch that--it's a little something, but a detail of Noble's party that I've had in my head for so long that I really, really wanted to get it done for tomorrow.  So, I added that to the "to-do" list for today.  And shuffled it again.  And again...and again.  You get the idea.  Up until I remembered that detail, I wasn't stressed about the birthday party--I thought I was in good shape going into today.  Isn't it funny how one little thing can shift the whole balance?  Reminds me of the exercise where you put the sand, gravel, rocks, water in the jar...but it only fits if you put the big rocks in first and allow the little stuff to fall in around.  I've been off when it comes to filling my life--I'm missing a big rock, and that's time with God, whether in prayer or in the Word.  That probably sounds like some of you, friends--we're all so busy with our kids and life.  But I know with all my heart that the busy is so much easier when we turn it back over to God and work on His projects, in His time.

Back to today...a little while ago, as I was running frantically back and forth from the computer to the printer to the kitchen to checking on Noble (see, there's a piece:  Noble's here with me this morning, amusing himself while I do "my" work.  Deep sigh.  Breathe...), I realized that I had it all wrong.  I refuse to dwell on what's "wrong" with my day (other than to put it down here so you can see where I'm coming from), but instead to hand it all over to God and give thanks.  So here goes...

I am thankful for the jobs I have (even when they drive me crazy, like now) and for the unexpected income the unexpected workload will bring in.  

I am thankful for 3 fun years with Noble, and all of the memories we have--he is so special to me, and I am so excited to celebrate HIM for the next several days!  

I am thankful for PTO, and for the opportunity to serve a school who does so much for my shining star.  I love that she FEELS like a shining star at school, and how they love on her as I thought my friends at the best school in the world would when she went to school there.  Funny how things change, but I'm thankful that God had a different plan for us in that respect, too, since we have so much more family time in this new life than we ever had before.  

I am thankful for my creativity and resourcefulness, and yes, my organizational skills.  I'd be lost without the latter, and not nearly as happy without the former.  :)  

I am thankful for a friend who thought to call just to check on me today, knowing I am struggling with my emotions  and the memories this week has brought to the surface.  Thank you, sweet friend.

I am thankful that Gammie's in town so Noble can go play at Heather's instead of sitting through a PTO meeting.  He's going to have fun instead of being told, "shh..."  

I am thankful that Kayci is going to be a part of Maifest this year, even though it requires a sizable chunk of time and money.  I am thankful she's brave enough to do it!  

I am thankful for my Boy, who loves me no matter how crazed I get.  And is able to bring me back to sanity, most of the time.  And when that fails, like last night, he brings me a beer!  

I am thankful for my Silhouette, which has made party prep SO MUCH EASIER than it has been in the past.  I am HOOKED, I tell ya.  (Pirate pun intended.)  

Speaking of pirates, I'm so thankful for all of the friends and family who will join us tomorrow to celebrate our favorite little guy.  Thank you all in advance for making the drive!  

And since it's time to hit the road for errands before PTO...I am thankful for living in a small town, where nothing's more than 10 minutes away.  That has so spoiled me!

What are you thankful for today?  :)


James Pharaon said...

I'm thankful for a wife and a friend who can see the big picture (most times.) :)

Heather said...

Thank you for everything you do for me and my family. I had no idea yesterday how much you had on your plate. You spent quality time with us when you had a list a mile long to complete! And you watched my boys. Very grateful for you, my friend. Love you!