03 November 2013

30 days of gratitude--let's hear it!

I love, love November for about a bajillion reasons, but the first one is that my friends and loved ones fill my facebook feed with things they're thankful for.  It makes my heart smile!  I might just log in to facebook every day this month, which would be pretty unusual.

Friday when I got in from work, we had dinner at Mom's house.  She picked up the kids since I was at work, and then was sweet enough to make dinner for all of us.  DaddyBoy had a special delivery--a brown box straight from China.  The kids couldn't wait to open it, but they were nice enough to wait for me since it was, technically, my happy.

Here's my thankful #1:  our new MacBook.  Also tacked on to that #1 is how fun it was to see the knuckleheads so excited...turns out, they just wanted to play with the photobooth app.  So that was the first official thing our new laptop did.  :)

...James and I planned a date Friday night since Mom was kind enough to keep the kids overnight.  We talked endlessly about going to the theater and which movie we should see, but we couldn't decide and I was just tired.  So, the second thing our new computer did was allow us to watch Downton Abbey on the TV screen.  It was pretty awesome, much better than any movie we could have paid for.  (And it worked out well, as the speakers on our TV are going out and we used the money we saved on the movie to buy something magical called a sound bar yesterday.  Yeah, I don't know, either, but I know the TV sounds great now!).

day #2:  Yesterday was a great day!  James and I started out with our favorite Saturday morning date (Grey's Anatomy & coffee in bed), then went and had breakfast and ran to the store before we picked up the kids.  Then it was a flurry of ironing and getting ready for the rest of our day, which meant helping out at a fabulous wedding for Daddy and Elizabeth's wedding shower for us.  There are going to be lots of great pictures from yesterday, but the only ones that ended up on my phone are the ones Noble took.  So here's Noble's favorite part of day 2:  Jackson.  

day 2:  I'm grateful for the way James uses his talents to bless others, and the fact that no matter how good he gets, he realizes there's always more to learn from people who are even better.  What a great lesson for our kids, right?  

I'm also grateful for friends who are more like family, which is what Lynn and her Turpins are to us.  We are blessed!

day 3:  We have been anxiously awaiting this day--this morning we are going to tell Kayci and Noble what we're doing after church today...going to pick up these two guys!

The kids really, really want a pet, and the only thing standing in their way has been me.  A dog is out of the question with our traveling, but a cat fits the bill of furry and lovable and playful AND fits into our lifestyle.  But it seems mean to just get one, so we're bringing his brother home, too.  Right now these guys are Wylie (gray) and Rylie (orange).  We're going to let Kayci and Noble each name one, can't wait to see what that sounds like!  These babies were literally being used as coyote bait when they were rescued...I'm so grateful that we can give them a home!  

Oh, the kids are going to FREAK!  The reason these pictures are cut out is because we're doing grateful hearts in November, and saying what we're thankful for each day.  We haven't gotten our tree branch, yet, but when we have the kids write their hearts this morning Daddy and I are going to put these in the mix.  What fun!

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