20 November 2013

days 12-19

Last week flew by!

day: 12
I'm thankful that Patty came to visit...Noble considers my aunt his "other Grandma."  They bonded when we went to Phoenix for Uncle Gary's funeral almost 3 years ago, and he's been a big fan ever since.  We went to Austin last Tuesday to pick Patty up for the airport--and all Noble remembers about the trip is that I circled the airport 4 times due to some confusion and a closed cell phone lot.  And he's told EVERYONE who will listen.  Stinkin' kid.

day 13:
I'm thankful for kids who love school, and love to learn.  I love, love hearing about their days and seeing what they've learned.  And I appreciate the fact that they come right in and do their homework without complaint!

day 14:

I'm thankful for my Dad, and for what he taught me.  He used to say this all the time and I thought it was goofy when I was younger--but when I was older, I realized Dad was right along.  Thursday was Dad's birthday, and I still have a hard time, after all these years.

day 15:

I'm thankful for a flexible work schedule.  Noble got sick after school on Thursday, so we missed Grandpa's birthday dinner.  I'm thankful I was able to just BE with him...he bounced back quickly!

day 16:

I'm thankful for kids who get along (mostly) and who can entertain themselves (mostly).  Even though they were writing (gasp!) letters to Santa.

day 17:

James shot a wedding in Cleveland on the 16th, so he and I stayed in a hotel rather than driving back so late.  Good thing, as it was raining--which made for some fun reception pictures!

I'm thankful for time with my Boy, whether it's quality time or just TIME.

And I'm also thankful that humor is one of our family's main languages.  I giggled aloud to myself as I was sending this one.  Oy, that flea market was somethin', y'all!

day 18:

I'm thankful that I can laugh at myself, since I'm now THAT Mom.

James and I went shopping on Sunday and found the last few things on Kayci's fall/winter clothing wish list.  I wanted to take Noble a happy, too, but he doesn't NEED anything since I've stocked up for him the past few weeks.  Well, he's been talking about how he's going to dress the cats up for Christmas since we went to Target the day we adopted them, so we grabbed a tiny pet Santa hat and beard for him.  Then they had this shirt in the boys' section, and we thought it would be a funny joke.

The joke was on me--Bubby wore this to school on Monday.  Sigh.  But it's okay, he told me, because he'd wear the Thanksgiving shirt on Tuesday.  Oh, okay then.  Sigh.

Also day 18:  don't you just want to know what he's thinking in this picture?  I'm thankful for this kid, and the fact that he's so opinionated about his hair and clothes, even when we don't agree.  

day 19:  

I'm thankful I got in from work in time to pick Noble up from school and Kayci up from Children's Chorus.  We had breakfast for dinner last night specifically so we could have Mickey Mouse pancakes in honor of booking our Disneyland trip yesterday.  I think I am officially more excited than the kids!  We also started season 2 of the Cosby Show...I love laughing out loud with the knuckleheads!  

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