24 January 2013

The Little Things

This is the sign that hangs on our back door.  It pretty well sums up my life philosophy, as well:
it's the little things.  

I think it's important to share trials as well as joys...because life is all about both, no?  So, here it is...from about Thanksgiving to just a couple of weeks ago, DaddyBoy and I were in a bit of a relationship slump.  Then it became a valley.  There wasn't anything wrong, or bad...it was just...off.   I really got worried when he quit bringing me coffee each morning.  It's such a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but that daily act of service makes me feel so LOVED.  So after a while, I asked him about it.  And the poor Boy honestly hadn't noticed.  So he started again, but things were still off.  There were other things off, too...a missed goodnight kiss here and there, little things like that.

Little things, y'all, that make our relationship what it is.

Little things, that take effort, yes, but usually come so naturally.

Little things that, when missing, left BIG holes.

One day at lunch we sat down eye to eye and talked it all out...it was just one of those weird things where nothing was wrong but things FELT wrong.  And we agreed that it's the little things that we needed to get back to...so we did.  And we have.  And all's right with my world again.

What are the little things in your relationship?  Are there any little things you've quit doing...or any you could start doing to make your other half feel more loved?  Not because he/she will return the favor, but because it would make him/her feel loved?  All this time, James has been making and bringing me coffee each morning...so now I've started getting the coffee pot ready the day before.  It takes me 2 minutes, but I'd like to think whenever he gets to the coffee pot first thing in the morning he feels loved that I took a couple of minutes to do that for him.  He's thanked me several times, which isn't really the point but is pretty nice.  That's another one--not taking little things for granted!  I thank him for that coffee every single time.

Think about it.  I know I've been thinking about little things a LOT this past several weeks, and have realized how the little things add up to one great life.  Or not, as the case may be.  So don't skimp on the little things, the everyday things...they're everything.

Disclaimer:  our relationship is based on more than morning coffee, it's just a good example of one of our little things.

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A Journey For Life said...

I agree with ya, it is the little things that make the world go around!!