09 January 2013

Nerd is the Word

I got new glasses when Noble was a toddler.  They weren't what I wanted, but I got them anyway and for over 3 years now I've felt less than cute whenever I wear them.

Isn't it funny how one little thing can make such a difference?  I wish I wasn't so shallow, but apparently, I am.

This summer when Kayci got new glasses, I started the long process of choosing a new pair for myself.  4 months later, I finally did it.

I got new glasses.

Now, this summer I tried on lots of glasses that I liked, but they weren't "right" for my face.  So I put them back.  Last week when we went in, I tried on all of the frames I was "supposed" to wear...you know, the ones that fit my face shape, blah blah.

I almost got the right ones, too.

But not so deep down, for the past 20 years I've wanted a pair of tortoise shell nerd glasses.  When they came back in style last year, my inner nerd rejoiced.  But my practical side quickly squelched that celebration.  Nerd glasses, fun glasses?  So not me.

They don't fit my face, and all.

But can I tell you what?  At the last minute, I put away the "right" frames and picked up the pair that made my heart sing.  And I haven't regretted it, not once.

Sigh.  I'm a happy girl.

Sometimes doing what's not "right" but "right for me" makes ALL the difference.  :)

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