08 January 2013

Little Things

I snapped this picture yesterday as a reminder of one of my very favorite parts of Noble's 4 year old day.   Every day but Wednesday, I pick him up at 11:30 and bring him home for lunch.  Sometimes I'll take his sandwich in the car, sometimes we'll go feed the ducks, but most days, we just come home and he eats and then I put him down for his nap.  I absolutely cherish this hour with him, as it's the only one on one time I get with him each day.  (And yes, I miss that time with Kayci...once this age passes, it gets harder and harder to capture even a few minutes alone.)

For Christmas this year, Daddyboy and the knuckleheads bought me my first set of Project Life tools.  I'm looking forward to not only documenting 2013, but getting organized and putting pictures and keepsakes from the first 37 years of my life in books (or something), too.

So I need to be intentional this year about documenting the little things, like Bubby making his very own sandwich in his new favorite Superman sweatshirt (with a hood!) that he got for Christmas.  Those little hands, the little bit of his red pants! shirt peeking out of his hoodie, the fuzzy hair that needs to be cut (Mommy's still working on that, too)...it's all of these little things that add up into one great life.

After I snapped this picture yesterday, though, I realized this was only PART of the picture.

For the past week, our house has been wrecked as we've been in the middle of putting Christmas away, organizing some stuff, and just...living.  So yesterday the kids went back to school and I cleaned house.  It just felt important to capture the messy house, too, because that's real life around here sometimes.  For the past two weeks, it's been all of the time.  But it was a great two weeks, man.  :)

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