31 January 2013

MOPS 1/31--in progress

This morning I'm talking to the MOPS group about organization.  Ironically, I skipped part of the text (their speaker had a schedule change at the last minute so we arranged this yesterday) and only read "organization."  Ha--I could do that one in my sleep.  So I got busy and sketched out a whole presentation.  I got a GOOD laugh at myself when I looked at the presentation I made 3 years ago...man, has that changed.  We have so much less STUFF now than we did then...it feels good!  

Wanna laugh?  Check it out!

Well, this morning I sat down to type up my notes and something was bugging me...so I revisited the texts.  Sure enough, I didn't read far enough (ironically, again, I got on to Kayci this morning for only listening to the FIRST part of my instructions...wonder where she gets it from?)...they wanted me to talk about organizing TIME!

Well, the irony.  First I cancelled my walk this morning, because, you know, I didn't have time if I was going to do this presentation right.  Ha!  

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